"Brother Jay Younts conducted a weekend seminar at our church regarding parenting children, and youths. We find his teaching biblically sound and practical. He reminded us that parenting is not pining sets of rules of "dos" and "don'ts"  on the wall. Rather, it is about relationship. Parenting is also waging war against the world. There is no "neutral" ground and no compromise. The battle is won only by believing in the sufficiency of God's Word and practicing it in our families. I find his teaching to be dynamic, engaging, and passionate.  Those who attended the seminar find his teaching very helpful and encouraging. I highly recommend Jay's ministry to anyone who wants to raise their children according to the Word!"
Rev. Dr. Andrew Teo
Senior Pastor, Ann Arbor Chinese Christian Church, Ann Arbor, Michigan. 


The Power of Everyday Talk

  • What is Everyday Talk?
  • The Centrality of the Gospel
  • Biblical Listening & Speaking to Your Children
  • Your Home, God’s Greenhouse
  • Preparing for the World’s Grand Deception
  • How to Talk about Sex and Music with Your Children

Everyday Talk for Teens

  • Why the Teenage Years Are a Challenge
  • Holding out Christ to Your Teenager
  • How to Listen to Your Teenager
  • Speaking Only What Is Helpful
  • Understanding the Power of Relationships
  • Breaking the Lust Cycle:  Pornography, Sex and Your Teenager
  • Entertainment and Your Teenager
  • Music and Your Teenager

Roadblocks to Maturity in Christ

  • What Does Maturity in Christ Look Like?
  • Understanding the Impact of Lust, Sensuality and Pornography
  • TheWorld’s View of Sexuality
  • A Biblical View of Peer Pressure
  • Broken Relationships and Your Teenagers

Custom Seminars

  • Seminars may be customized by consulting with Jay Younts to select from the above topics to fit your specific needs.
  • A seminar typically includes 1 or 2 sessions on Friday night and up to 5 sessions on Saturday. Customized seminars are available.
  • Please contact Jay Younts by email to book a seminar.


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