"I wish I could say that I have no regrets when I think about the things my children heard come out of my mouth. No, they never heard me curse and they never heard me verbally assault their mom. No, they never heard me teach them a heresy or call them evil names. But they heard things come out of my mouth that leave me the grief-stained residue of a painful memory. Yes, I know God has forgiven me, and by God’s grace so have they, but these memories make me wish I had Everyday Talk in my hands 30 years ago.

John Younts understands the power that words have to instruct the heart and shape the soul. And he understands that little of our influence in our children’s lives is exercised in those formal moments of instruction that get so much emphasis. No, most of our spiritual influence occurs in mundane moments of everyday life, when our verbal reactions to life reveal the character of our hearts and the content of our faith to our children as they are developing their understanding—of life, God, themselves, the fallen world, etc. Younts knows that it is in these little moments that the puzzle pieces of godly or ungodly character are pieced together. And he knows to make the most of these little-moment opportunities.

If you are a parent, you need this book. Go out and buy it now and read it as soon as you can. Trust the words of a man who regrets many of his little-moment words, this book will rescue you from you, and in so doing, it will enable you to be a better parent to the children God has placed in your care. If you are not a parent, you need this book as well, because every day you speak words that are shaped by God’s kingdom or yours. Everyday Talk will make you listen to what you say as you react to the situations and relationships of your daily life."

Paul David Tripp

"Applying God’s Word to correct and train my children in what’s right comes naturally for me. However, I was falling short in bringing God into casual, non-confrontational, everyday conversations…until I read Everyday Talk. Children need to understand that God doesn’t just step in when they’ve done something wrong or gotten themselves in some sort of trouble, but that He is actively involved in every aspect of their lives. Everyday Talk is a must read for parents who want their children to think, breathe, walk, and talk with an awareness of the living God."

Ginger Plowman
author of Don’t Make Me Count to Three and Heaven at Home

"Jay Younts’ book Everyday Talk combines the practical how to suggestions with the biblical what to responsibilities of godly parents for their children. Many Christian parents know that they are to bring their children up in the "discipline and instruction of the Lord" (Ephesians 6:4); they know that they are to teach the truths of God diligently to their children in formal and informal situations, but they struggle with knowing how to do this. I recommend this book to parents because it builds on biblical truth and includes many helpful illustrations of how to actually communicate that truth in life situations for children."

Wayne Mack
Professor of Biblical Counseling at Pastoral Training Institute in Pretoria, South Africa and Little Rock, Arkansas

"The Lord has given Jay Younts a gift to make the subject of Everyday Talk clear. Jay’s writing style is engaging and his subject matter is biblical. I highly recommend Everyday Talk to Christian parents everywhere!"

Martha Peace
Author of “The Excellent Wife” and Biblical Counselor

"Everyday Talk is a masterful book. It provides valuable talking points for conversations about everything from weather, to sex, to music. The two essential features of biblical parenting are properly aligned in the book: penetrating insight into the heart and the centrality of the gospel, not only for living, but for life."

Tedd Tripp, Pastor, author, conference speaker

"It is evident that the speech that we use in our families, before our children is an important matter… This book is an awakening call to those who have never given serious thought to the effect of their speech upon their children. But it doesn’t only send a clarion call, it also provides direction for change. It shows the reader how to bring about good things through speech and guides him in dealing with poor habits of speech… Now that this book has arrived the Christian community has a guide to an issue of utmost importance. Many families will be blessed by using it to help them in their desire to have loving, obedient children who serve the Lord."

From the Foreword by Jay Adams, Author, conference speaker

"I found this to be one of the most practical approaches to communicating parenting to folks. Jay has taken a conversational approach that has brought the Biblical principles right down to the level of today’s parent. I was reading this work in my living room the other day and took the opportunity to point out to my son-in-law some of the wisdom that this book will bless parents with.
The style of writing will be very helpful to parents as they endeavor to raise their children in the love and admonition of the Lord. This work can be used even for the various age levels of children and is not just for the younger kids. I do love it and will recommend it often. This will be a book that will be recommended often to the folks at Grace Community Church because it is extremely useful, easy to reach and practical.

Bill Shannon
Associate Pastor, Discipleship Counseling, Grace Community Church

"As a speaker and author, Jay Younts has been used by God to make a lasting impact on our congregation. As a speaker, Jay's dedication to God's Word, sincerity, and passion to honor God left us more desirous to bring glory to God with everything in every moment of everyday. His articulate and practical exposition of God's Word was both convicting and encouraging.

His book, Everyday Talk, is a great resource worth not only reading, but returning to time and time again. In Everyday Talk, Jay has created a wonderful portrait of how to be God-honoring parents using the wisdom, commands, and principles of Scripture.  He clearly unfolds the sufficiency of Scripture in teaching and training our precious children to delight in God's Glory."

Bryan Gaines
Pastor of Family Discipleship and Students
Grace Community Church
Glen Rose, Texas

"With eight children of our own ranging in age from five to seventeen, we understand first-hand the challenge of raising them to love and fear God in the 21st century. The busyness of life and the wicked culture in which we live militate against our goal of raising a godly seed.

This book gives great hope and encouragement to us. It reminds us that our everyday talk influences our children greatly. It is amazingly practical and refreshingly biblical. Although we regret not having this resource for the last seventeen years, we still have many years left with plants in our greenhouse. By God’s grace we plan on implementing Everyday Talk even today!"

Lance and Beth Quinn
Pastor & Wife
The Bible Church of Little Rock
Little Rock, Arkansas

"Brother Jay Younts conducted a weekend seminar at our church regarding parenting children, and youths. We find his teaching biblically sound and practical. He reminded us that parenting is not pining sets of rules of "dos" and "don'ts"  on the wall. Rather, it is about relationship. Parenting is also waging war against the world. There is no "neutral" ground and no compromise. The battle is won only by believing in the sufficiency of God's Word and practicing it in our families. I find his teaching to be dynamic, engaging, and passionate.  Those who attended the seminar find his teaching very helpful and encouraging. I highly recommend Jay's ministry to anyone who wants to raise their children according to the Word!"
Rev. Dr. Andrew Teo
Senior Pastor, Ann Arbor Chinese Christian Church, Ann Arbor, Michigan. 


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